Bachelor Party of a Lifetime

There comes a time in a mans life when he must take the ultimate adventure. And when that time comes his friends lay to work to prepare the ultimate most epic bachelor party of all time. Though bachelor parties take on many forms… some things always remain¬† the same. Booze. Friendship. Booze. Women. Booze. Booze. Friendship. Its that simple bachelor party formula that I am here. Before I detail the epic bachelor party I just came back from… I have a few recommendations for the “Big Man” or groom who has to give gifts to his homies… Dont get your groomsmen some knife with their initials on it… Chances are high its going to get taken by TSA at the airport, it will barely cut through aluminum foil, and if your groomsmen were stuck in a life or death situation with only your 1/2 inch blade knife to save them… they would only be cursing your name.


Try something people haven’t before! For our trip the groom (Casey) stumbled upon a place that makes unique carbon fiber money clips, carbon fiber tie clips, carbon fiber business card holders, carbon fiber bottle openers, and belt buckles. It was a awesome cap to our awesome bachelor party trip (which Ill detail here in a sec.). Every time I go to pay for something my carbon fiber money clip stirs conversation and remind me of that trip… its not some useless knife with J.S. sitting in my bathroom drawer. Heres a few of what I saw RCFibers had to offer:


tieclip_grande ui_bottle_opener_grande

Casey ended up giving some bottle openers to some of the groomsmen and carbon fiber money clips to the others. Like I said it satisfied what needs to be sought after. Something unique and delivered.

The only other gift Ive gotten that has come close would have to be the beer pong floaty WITH cooler pouch.


Nothing like a bachelor pong pool party barge….. I also recommend as a epic bachelor party gift (if money allows) a giant jenga set from


So onto the BACHELOR PARTY TRIP OF A LIFETIME. We started by purchasing a ghetto throwback limo:


A Bachelor party needs a mobile bar and we had it covered… then it was time to stock that thing to the max:


Bachelor party bar: Stocked. The trip was determined to head to Lake Havasu where we had a house and a house boat booked. However… with much beer comes much responsibility…. and we had none. The bathroom breaks cause the trip to go a little slower then anticipated…


Not to worry by the time we got there the bachelor party was in full house boat swing!



And the formula started. Booze. Friendship. Booze. Booze.

Now if your in need of women and dont have any on your bachelor party… they do sell substitutes:



But I wouldnt recommend cuddling with a blow up doll… The night at the house the bachelor party responsibility continued. With a jacuzzi full of bubble bath of course:


And we may of added a few to many booze options to the equation… prior



Side note: Bags is a awesome game to bring along for bachelor party fun…! And maybe even a bachelor party gift…

In the end we all ended up like this….


But with carbon fiber money clips in our pockets. And smiles slowly coming back to our faces….¬†Be sure to check out again! And be sure throw your epic bachelor party of lifetime. That groom deserves it! And you deserve an epic gift.


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